HookahJohn Titanium Charcoal

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Titanium coconut coals are a premium Hookah charcoal that stay lit and smoke long. Titanium coals have earned a reputation for being one of the best hookah charcoals on the market in terms of longevity and quality. These coals are made of 100% pure natural materials. They are smokeless, odorless, tasteless, and sparkless. They are also eco-friendly, not a single tree was felled to make these coals.

Titanium charcoal comes in 3 variations. Flats, Cubes, and Cubettes. The flats are a regular sized coal, whereas the cubes are roughly 2 times the size. Cubettes could be considered a "mini cube"

Flats : 108 Coals per box

Cubes : 72 Coals per box

Cubettes 120 Coals per box